Event Date : December 24 - 27, 2021

Webinars 2020

29th Oct 2020: Rural Development and Transformation through Cillage

21st Oct 2020: जवस व मोहरी लागवड

16th October 2020: Current Reforms in Agriculture

5th October 2020: Food Safety and Standards

24th September 2020: Pink Bollworm Management

21st September 2020: The evolution of Hydroponic Farming

17th September 2020: Pink Bollworm Management

11th September 2020: Reforms in Agricultural Education

11th September 2020: Pink Bollworm Management

2nd September 2020: Organic Farming Opportunities & Challenges

24th August 2020: Digitisation in Agriculture A Next Revolution

17th August 2020: Pink Bollworm Management

10th August 2020: Agriculture export opportunities & challenges

7th August 2020: Sustainable of Goat Farming

31st July 2020: Agriculture Supply Chain Management

22nd July 2020: Farmer Producer Organisations for Better Future

10th July 2020: Agriculture Startups Opportunities & Challenges

7th July 2020: Soil conservation

30th June 2020: Scope of Farm Mechanisation in India

27th June 2020: Biofertilizers and Its Importance

25th June 2020: Orange Cultivation and Management

19th June 2020: Pesticides Management in Agriculture

15th June 2020: New technology in Cotton Cultivation

12th June 2020: Challenges Opportunities and Future of Inland Fisheries

4th June 2020: Opportunities in Fisheries Sector - Post lockdown

24th May 2020: ऍग्रोव्हिजन अंतर्गत विदर्भातील शेतकऱ्यांशी संवाद

22nd May 2020: Renewable Energy in Agriculture

15th May 2020: Impact of COVID 19 on Irrigated Agriculture and Road Ahead

1st May 2020: The impact of COVID 19 on Poultry Sector and Road Ahead

24th April 2020: The Impact of COVID 19 on Food Processing Sector and Road Ahead

17th April 2020: Dairy Industry during Covid-19 and beyond

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