Theme: " SUSTAINABLE FARMING Through Skilling and Technology "
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Experts' Panel Discussion

Theme: Future of Indian Agriculture

This theme Future of Indian Agriculture is chosen considering the fact that, India has high population pressure on land and other resources to meet its food and development needs. The natural resource base of land, water and bio-diversity is under severe pressure. The expert panel will have discussion about the all-round development and economic viability of agriculture in comprehensive terms. How farmers can be provided the necessary support, encouragement and incentives. How we can focus on income and greater on-farm and off-farm job and livelihood opportunities.

To discuss the problems and to suggest the means for improvement a special discussion is organized during this episode of Agrovision. It will help in developing sound recommendations to the Government. The discussion shall have eclectic mix of eminent key players in this sector.

This will aim to bring revolutionary change by adapting best practices and suggesting necessary policy changes to make our farmers more sustainable and efficient. This shall be attended by Progressive Farmers, Policy Makers, Stakeholders and Members of various Industry Associations, Agricultural Entrepreneurs, and National Media.